Cooking Gluten Free Smoked Peppered Chinook Salmon White Cheddar Pasta

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Grub, oregon

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

I don’t always cook, but when I do, I make the dankest meals.  Last night I created an entirely gluten free meal, complete with local salmon from the Pacific Northwest.  First I unboxed the Annie’s Organic Gluten Free White Cheddar shell mix.  Then I popped the top on the Skipanon Brand canned Chinook salmon.  I was impressed with the quality.  This was my first taste, and it was amazing straight out the can.  I mixed up the sauce like a boss, adding Tillamook butter, with a dash of spring water, no milk.  Then I spiced it up, with lemon pepper, and garlic salt.  Finally, I sprinkled Tillamook Mexican cheese on top of the mountain.  It was epic!  Check it out.

skipanon brand smoked peppered chinook salmon

photo (1)

Here’s a video about the Skipanon Brand Cannery in Warrenton, Oregon USA:

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