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By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros brings you another great product review in HD video. ¬†The ElliptiGO 11R is excellent for climbing¬†mountains, and can go where any road bike can travel. ¬†I was lucky enough to catch a professional competitor at the RV park to¬†review the outdoor racing elliptical cycle. ¬†Special thanks to the veteran that made time to share his experience with us all. ¬†I’d love to hear what you have to say on this product. ¬†Please comment if you own and ElliptiGO, or why you want one. ¬†At $3,500 for the racing model, I don’t know that I’ll be getting an elliptical cycle, but one can dream. ¬†Personally, I think this would be an excellent full body workout, and perfect for rehabilitation from an injury. ¬†It’s comfortable, smooth, but kind of heavy at 39 pounds. ¬†I will have to schedule a test ride at a dealer near me soon. ¬†Watch out Portland!

eliptigo drive arms

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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Take a look at my new commuter bike called the Giant Sedona. ¬†It’s been way more comfortable to cruise in than my hardtail mountain bike. ¬†I like being able to ride up high, and adjust the handlebars so I can sit up straight. ¬†In the HD video you can see all of the extras I threw on it. ¬†Building a bike, although it not from scratch, is still a blast, ¬†I purchased new Defender fenders to keep myself fresh, a tiny black bell so I don’t have to scream at all the tourists to move or die, water bottle holders for hydration 24/7, and a big manly basket to hold my wildflowers in (more like edible mushrooms). ¬†Andy at Prom Bike Shop in Seaside, Oregon told me this bicycle would be an excellent candidate for a 49cc motor, so I’m thing about that upgrade. ¬†It’s a work in progress. ¬†I’m just grateful to have a bike that doesn’t destroy me after riding it short distances. ¬†I’ve never owned a Giant before, but I’m sure I will be¬†satisfied. ¬†Like¬†the satin black color with gold trim? ¬†It’s different. ¬†You’ll see more videos and blogs featuring this whip soon. ¬†Thanks or supporting Survival Bros. ¬†The website has been doing great, and our YouTube audience is growing rapidly. ¬†So please subscribe to our channel here if you haven’t, or click the link to discover other related fun videos. ¬†Peace.

prom bike Seaside OR

Biking The Prom in Seaside Oregon