Survival Bros Summer 2012 Preparedness Challenge

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Survival Bros Challenges
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Survival Bros has a list of Summer challenges for you. Try one, or go hard and complete them all. We believe these activities will improve your survival skills, and help you avoid complete domestication. Go wild, and get outside. Please add challenges and comment as you see fit. Let’s make this an active discussion. Good luck!

1. Camp for 5 days or more in a row.
2. Build a controlled camp fire.
3. Gather wild edible food and springwater.
4. Go #1 and #2 outdoors!!
5. Take a day hike with your backpack.
6. Make a new friend that’s into preparedness.
7. Swim in a lake, river, or ocean. Pools and hot tubs don’t count.
8. Cook a full meal for yourself and someone else.
9. Read an outdoor adventure book.
10. Study a map and bike a new, undiscovered trail.

More challenges from Survival Bros coming soon! Have fun prepping, and get all the sun you can this summer without toasting. Peace from the road. – Cameron


Disclaimer: Survival Bros Blog intended for entertainment. Be safe. You are responsible for yourself.

  1. Sidney says:

    Good readingg

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