Prepping For Disaster – Emergency Preparedness 101

Posted: July 15, 2012 in SB Tips

Take a hike!

Prepping for a manmade or natural disaster will be different for everyone. My needs are different than yours, but there are things we should all have just in case. This blog covers specific items you should have on hand, and things you should be thinking about NOW.

First off, have a plan. Practice your escape route regularly, maybe once every 6 months. Carry your emergency pack to test it, and yourself. You may decide to bring more if it’s an easy trip. Maybe you want to load up a bike, and huff it on two wheels. If you have a vehicle, you may want to store an extra survival pack in the back. Whatever you do, coordinate a meeting place with your friends and family so there’s no guess work, and stick together.

If your house was on fire, could you grab your Bug-Out-Bag and survive outdoors for at least 72 hours? If that sounds challenging, or you don’t have an emergency bag full of supplies then keep reading. The key elements to a clutch bug-out-bag are: food, water, and shelter. My backpack includes a poncho, emergency blanket, and a reflective tube tent. Add a small tarp to your pack for even more security. Tarps can keep the rain and sun off you, or provide a barrier between you and the ground.

Additional Bug-Out-Bag items Survival Bros suggest include: a first aid kit, medicine, superfoods, vitamins, maps, flashlights, candles, protection like a knife or gun, matches, lighter, sunglasses, sunscreen, cash, silver bullion, radio, walkie talkies (2-way radios), extra clothes, signal mirror, GPS Navigation, solar powered charger, whistle, compass, backup batteries, candy, instant coffee, books, notepad, condoms, glow stick, personal locator device, bandana, water filter, USB with information, and toiletries.

Here’s the bottomline. Plan an escape route, practice traveling it, and bring your customized bug-out-bag with everything you think you’d need. Your bag will be evolving with you, so have fun and experiment. Is there an item you’d have to have in case of a disaster that we didn’t list? Please share. Also, knowing basic first aid and taking a CPR class should be a priority. Our advice; work on preps a little everyday! Best wishes.

– Cameron McKirdy
President of Survival Bros

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