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Hey Friends,

Cam coming at you from the beach in Oregon. ¬†#Seaside ¬†I’m so glad you’re here to share with me. ¬†Thanks for all the thoughtful comments, and please remember to¬†SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE TO #SURVIVALBROS¬† Watch our 300+ videos at no cost.¬† We now have 6,399 subscribers, and growing. ¬†Thanks for participating. ¬†I love this community of #backpackers #healers #preppers #activists #nolabels¬†

It’s been a wild ride these past few years. ¬†If you’ve been following my HD videos, I was #vandwelling for 2.5 years in my Volkswagen Vanagon. ¬†I put many miles on her, riding the nugget from hot spring to couches, and cabins. ¬†It’s a lifestyle I would go back to, but my survival situation has changed.

I bought a new van! ¬†And it broke down. ¬†Costing me a fortune. ¬†Then I was on foot, and in a tent. ¬†Winter hit. ¬†I had challenges, and the weather was nasty. ¬†It was the worst I’ve ever seen it in the #PNW ¬†Now I have a place to stay, a fast car, a part-time job, and an office to make more videos and #Art. ¬†I am very #blessed and grateful. ¬†

So here we are.  Standing strong in the chaos.  Better prepared.  

What do I want to do next?  Stay tuned.  

Preview:  More LOVE for FREE!  I appreciate you.  #hugs  

I’m a Professional Cuddler too ya know – ¬†#platonic #touch

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See the new boots Cam got for Spring Time in Oregon!  Thanks for watching, and participating in the movement.