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Survival Bros asks for free food samples at Natural Grocers in Eugene, Oregon while on a roadtrip. ¬†I scored four packets of organic plant based protein drinks, and Non-GMO oatmeal. ¬†Check out the freebie haul. ¬†Get free calories for yourself by asking to try things at every store you go to. ¬†It’s not begging. ¬†The shops either have product to get rid of for promotional use, or not. ¬†All of the products seen in this new Vlog are NOT FOR RESALE! ¬†If scavengers¬†like me do not request the trials, they could go home with a hungry employee, or even worse…EXPIRE! ¬†Nothing is worse than wasting a calorie. ¬†

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By Cameron McKirdy 

See what car living is like for a gypsy travelling on the road in HD video. ¬†I think he has a great gear setup for van dwelling. ¬†I’m jealous of his sink, with a clever gravity fed water system, harnessing an inexpensive solar shower. ¬†Plus, his lighting setup works, and¬†didn’t cost much, thanks to a trip to Dollar Tree. ¬†You can’t tell Hugh is in there either, since it’s a cargo van without side rear windows. ¬†The dark exterior paint color blend into the darkness, making him more stealth. ¬†I like what he has done to insulate the metal sides with cardboard and aluminum tape. ¬†Hugh knows the cardboard is organic material, and will eventually decompose, but it’s easy to replace with fresh insulation later. ¬†Even the interior wall panels are stuffed with recycled shopping bags for added warmth. ¬†We list all of the car camping items for you to spark your imagination, but is there anything you’d add to the recreational vehicle? ¬†More van dwelling videos on the way. ¬†Stay tuned to Survival Bros. ¬†

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Survival Bros hunts for urban treasure at local thrift stores around town in Eugene, Oregon. ¬†Cameron McKirdy must have been to eight shops that day. ¬†All of the searching paid off, wouldn’t you say? ¬†Thanks for watching another HD video production. ¬†Please subscribe today via email! ¬†Happy hunting Survival Bros. ¬†More on