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By Cameron McKirdy

In this HD video I drop my new LG G2 and Ballistic SG phone cover on gravel, then concrete from 6 ft high! ¬†I just got this smartphone, so I was terrified it would break. ¬†However, I know there’s fellow geeks out there that want to see Survival Bros¬†stress test all kinds of gear, so I went for it. ¬†The Ballistic case worked well, but after taking off the cover I did notice a tiny dent on the rim of my LG G2. ¬†It’s purely cosmetic, and I can live with it, because my screen did not crack. ¬†Of course I would have preferred no damage, which I expected since it’s rated to six feet according to the manufacturer. ¬†The¬†minuscule¬†chip isn’t worth taking a picture of, and I’m pleased with my purchase overall. ¬†Therefore,¬†I give it 4 out of 5 Stars. ¬†It’s still probably the best case out there for this recently released Android device, so until better cases are produced it’s staying on me as one of my¬†everyday¬†carry items. ¬†Have you had any experience with Ballistic¬†Cases? ¬†Let us know. ¬†Thanks.

On a side note: I dropped this phone with the case on a few weeks back from about four feet up, and after all of my contacts had been erased! ¬†It was the strangest thing. ¬†My emails, and phone numbers never returned, and I didn’t delete them. ¬†Please comment on this blog post if something similar has happened to you.

ballistic shell gel caseFor all the tech specs here’s the Ballistic website. ¬†Visit Survival Bros again soon.