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Survival Bros,

Bitcoin – The Cryptocurrency with the largest Market Capitalization has smashed through a value of over $3,300 in the last 24 Hours!  Why?  The main reason may be that traders are getting access to their Bitcoin Cash and selling it off.  The block-chain technology split into two Tokens this week, causing massive speculation, and volatility.  Here’s the latest one day chart from the Blockfolio App:

Cameron McKirdy was at a #Bitcoin ATM in Springfield, Oregon during the historic uptick in #BTC valuation.   He found that the lowest amount you can purchase from a machine in person here is only $10 #USAThe machine won’t let you purchase Crypto for $1.  This makes sense due to transaction fees increasing to $5+ dollars per transfer for me personally. 

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Altcoin ATM Pricing Update at 2:00PM PST 8/7/17: