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Cameron McKirdy finds a Free Boat with a trailer on the side of Highway 101 in Garibaldi, Oregon. Would you haul it home?¬† This would make a great project, but it would be tons of work.¬† Also, you’d have to pay $ to keep the tags up to date if you were going to put it in the water.¬† Survival Bros wants you to think outside the box!¬† Thanks for visiting our WordPress Blog.¬†

Will somebody please take this boat off my hands?


Look what else I found on the side of the road!¬† You’re a tow away from a new home Bro.

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Produced By Cameron McKirdy with Tactical Gypsy

Homeless. ¬†That’s what we were. ¬†My bro and I stayed on this boat for weeks last summer to avoid paying rent, and getting a regular job. ¬†We were free, and so was our lodging. ¬†But with that comes less. ¬†We had to deal with a lot of crap. ¬†It’s noisy in the Skipanon and Warrenton Oregon Marina. ¬†Sleeping is challenging. ¬†People work on boats at all hours, so there’s usually people clamoring, and trucks hauling.

skipanon marina oregon

Skipanon Warrenton Oregon Marina at Night

Once we had to stay on the boat right after our host varnished the interior. ¬†We opened the craft up, but the stench was still awful. ¬†I got a headache, and while grateful for the place to lay down, I was ready to split and catch the bus into town. ¬†In the HD video above we got a solid fire going, but I didn’t film the smoke that filled the cabin, and it was horrible. ¬†I got a headache from that too. ¬†Again, we lifted the lid on the boat, and opened up the ceiling, but sacrificed warmth. ¬†The Survival Bros slept on a wet mattress because the boat had recently sank.

We had a key to the shower and restroom, but that was a hike from the boat. ¬†Plus, we didn’t want to get hassled by security, so we kept our creeping to a minimum, and laid low. ¬†The smart move was to pee in plastic bottles to avoid detection. ¬†However, the other fisherman on the marina were typically very helpful. ¬†We had their assistance many times when we had to do work on the boat, or move it to another slip. ¬†Speaking of, the rent for a spot there is only $70 per month, and our buddy paid that. ¬†You have to pay a little more for electricity, but it’s still the cheapest place to crash in town. ¬†In exchange for a bed, Tactical Gypsy worked on the boat, making sure the bilge was pumping out water, or whatever. ¬†I kept him company, and learned what I could from the Maritime Scientist. ¬†It was an adventure for sure, and I’m happy to share it with you. ¬†More homelessness tales soon. ¬†Thanks for supporting Survival Bros. ¬†Peace and love.


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