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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

In this HD video I demonstrate the power of the high-performance Coast HP314 Focusing LED Light.  This monster has three modes: high, stobe, and low.  On high the beam will travel up to 2240 feet!  Plus, the four D batteries (included) boast an impressive run time of 4 hours 15 minutes.  On low, the HP314 works effectively for 192 hours, at 185 meters.  The long range focusing optic worked extremely well.  You can go from broad view flood beam, to X-Range spot beam with a quick adjustment forward or back.  It illuminates all ranges in between, so you have ultimate control of the intense light.

In the box you get a heavy-duty shoulder strap, and thick protective end caps.  However, they have to be removed after each use, because the light wont fit in the carrying case with them attached.  The HP314 has an amazing feel.  With the strap, its weight is evenly balanced.  I had no issues with grip even when Survival Bros tested it in the rain.  My hands were cold, but it’s just the right size width to grasp naturally.  In addition, the diamond shaped knurling pattern on the casing gives it just enough texture, without being overly abrasive.

It’s durable casing is made of lightweight professional grade aluminum.  The light kept shining after a shock test, when I threw it on the ground several times.  I even had it submerged in murky water for minutes while turned on.  This is an epic tool for rescue and law enforcement professionals, or anyone who needs to see at long distances.  The HP314 weathered the Survival Bros stress test.  All Coast products have a lifetime guarantee.  Their quality is unmatched.  Check out the full line of products at  More product reviews soon.  Thanks for watching, and visiting my emergency preparedness blog.  Please subscribe to this website, and our Youtube channel to receive all of our posts.  Peace.

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Win this awesome Coast Products HL27 headlamp! Retailing at $74.99. It’s a whopping 309 lumens, and will last 3 hours and 45 minutes on three AA batteries (included).

This powerful and versatile light is going to a good home. To enter for free, all you have to do is LIKE this blog post on Survival Bros dot com, AND leave a positive COMMENT saying why you need this gear. Survival Bros founder Cameron McKirdy will pick one deserving prepper, based on their thoughtful comment. You must be in the United States to enter. The NEW Coast HL27 in gift box ships to the winner at our expense.

The full Survival Bros product review is coming soon. Good luck. Giveaway ends at midnight Pacific Time on April 31, 2013. Must be 18. Thanks for getting involved in our fun alternative news community. Peace.

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By Cameron McKirdy

If you are looking for a great everyday carry LED flashlight, I may have found the one for you. The Coast PX25 is a rugged little light saber from a Oregon company. Below is my latest HD stress test video, filmed on the beach, and in the water in Seaside, OR.

You wouldn’t expect a light that can easily fit in your palm to be so powerful, but the Coast PX25 LED flashlight boasts 208 lumens. That’s hardcore. It even came with three AAA Duracell batteries, so it was ready to go. Also included was a useful belt sheath, which I will actually use. Plus, you get a wrist strap for extra security. All this, for an MSRP of just $42. That’s a bargain to me.

If you watch my review, you’ll also see how the Bulls Eye Spot beam works. This style gives you an awesome focused spot, with a wide flood light. It’s a great design. The PX25 is made of aluminum, so it’s tough. And the LED light is UNBREAKABLE. Trust me, I tried to shatter it, to no avail. Coast thought of everything, and this may be my favorite flashlight ounce for ounce. Speaking of it’s 4.2 ounces with the batteries. I use it as part of my EDC. It’s just the right size, and isn’t too wide. It’s 1.1 inches wide, and 4.7 inches long. The runtime on the PX25 is 6 hours 15 minutes. Impressive. Plus, the beam blasts 128 meters, so it covers ground like a champ.

I’d talk trash about the PX25 if I could, but Coast Products made a great tool here, it even stood up to me beating it on the cement. Just don’t put the battery pack in backwards. This is a must have in my opinion. Enjoy the video I produced. More fun stress test videos soon. Thanks for visiting Survival Bros. For additional information on this product visit

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The Coast HP14 is the high performance flashlight of any man’s dreams. Ahhh, the perfect feel of the cold aluminum, and the heft that quality has to offer; ready, balanced, and durable. As with most of my reviews, the first thing I did was try and take it apart. I say try on this one because other than taking the batteries out, I can’t get it any further apart. This idea of, put together once, never fail, therefore never come apart, is the usual for Coast Products.  As I said, I could not get much apart on this light but the battery tube. The light came with and uses four AA batteries, the easiest in the world to find. Rechargeable batteries I am sure would not last long, but it’s an option.  Using lithium batteries is a way to increase the total operating time. However, the high/low settings alone will help you milk most batteries for countless hours.

As I said, I was unable to unscrew the lens portion off. Coast Products are designed to last, so there is no need to take it apart for “repairs” pff… but looking inside the lens shows the Coast logo in its signature red color, and a miracle of an LED, the Cree XM-L.  You can even adjust the blinding 339 lumens with one-hand focusing.  The bottom switch has a thick durable rubber feel, and is recessed to allow the light to be set upright on its bottom. There’s also an anti-roll lanyard bump that simply sticks out to prevent the light from sliding down a hill. The attached lanyard snapped off almost immediately, after 3 vigorous tugs.

I did enjoy the fine anodized finish on the light, as opposed to most other companies use of powder coating. This anodized finish also gives a small amount of texture itself to the flashlights surface, sort of a microscopic sand paper effect. The diamond knurling on the light has a very fine texture. I did notice that in the rain, and while wet, the diamond knurling had a slippery feel. I’m REALLY nit picking here to find any flaw in this thing. I submerged it in water, threw it on the ground, and it kept burning bright.  The HP14 is solid, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, it’s a Coast Product, so you know it will never fail.