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From Cameron McKirdy

See what a gypsy carries daily for calorie consumption while on the road. Food is shown separated, and stored in protective bags. This keeps the food fresh, and mice out of the packages. Do I have more food in a spare suitcase than you do in your entire pantry? I’m prepared to take off for weeks in case of emergency.

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By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros Founder

Learn about getting food and supplement samples from your local shops at NO COST.  I visit health food stores such as GNC, and ask the cashier for freebies, or take items from their basket of product trials.  These individual servings will be stored properly in Ziploc bags, and placed in various emergency preparedness kits, plus my Everyday Carry backpack.  I have saved tons of money using this method of urban scavenging.  You can make your own freebie haul like this with little effort.

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