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By Cameron McKirdy

What’s the cheapest meal you can make? Today my bro showed me how to make a meal for 35 cents. Grab a plate.

For this culinary combo we fried chunks of Spam, chunks of potatoes, and fresh eggs. Kelvin got the eggs from free range chickens at his moms. Kelvin said the chickens eat “bugs, berries, bees and other B worded things.” They drink out of puddles, and make good eggs. To complete the breakfast dish we sprinkled magic Tapatio sauce on top.

This meal cost just about 35 cents to make per plate. The potatoes were 15 cents, Spam 20 cents, and the eggs, free like they should be. The Tapatio hot sauce was FREE, courtesy of 7-Eleven. That’s how Survival Bros rolls. Whatever ya gotta do.