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Preppers are ready 24/7. That’s why many of us carry the same items everyday. This blog covers essential EDC items that can help tackle daily challenges.

I usually go everywhere with my tactical backpack. It looks like a regular sized black book bag, but it’s loaded with goodies. In it I have: a mace pen, a regular pen, money, my Gerber Rex Applegate folding knife, a small tactical LED flashlight with belt clip, a carabiner with bottle opener, bandana, sunglasses, paracord, small first aid kit, keys, extra clothes including a poncho and rain pants, extra socks, healthy snacks, spring water in an aluminum bottle, a small multi-tool, vitamins, pain reliever, a beanie, wet wipes, tiny compass, iPhone and charger, a good book, and variously colored and textured condoms. I feel ready.

You don’t have to carry a full backpack of course, but you should have some of these items in your pockets at all times. Survival Bros recommends you have some sort of protection on you always, just in case. Many of my bros pack a pistol, and an extra magazine.

A noise maker, like an air horn or whistle would be smart too. And try to carry something that can start a fire, such as a Bic lighter. Also, consider having a water filter handy. I have an Aquamira filter in my pack that attaches to my internal water pouch hose.

If you carry some or all these items regularly, you will be more prepared than most. Thank yourself for learning this info, and pass it on! Peace from my tent.

– Cameron McKirdy
Survival Bros President


Another extreme Survival Bros EDC example

Survival Bros has a list of Summer challenges for you. Try one, or go hard and complete them all. We believe these activities will improve your survival skills, and help you avoid complete domestication. Go wild, and get outside. Please add challenges and comment as you see fit. Let’s make this an active discussion. Good luck!

1. Camp for 5 days or more in a row.
2. Build a controlled camp fire.
3. Gather wild edible food and springwater.
4. Go #1 and #2 outdoors!!
5. Take a day hike with your backpack.
6. Make a new friend that’s into preparedness.
7. Swim in a lake, river, or ocean. Pools and hot tubs don’t count.
8. Cook a full meal for yourself and someone else.
9. Read an outdoor adventure book.
10. Study a map and bike a new, undiscovered trail.

More challenges from Survival Bros coming soon! Have fun prepping, and get all the sun you can this summer without toasting. Peace from the road. – Cameron


Disclaimer: Survival Bros Blog intended for entertainment. Be safe. You are responsible for yourself.