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By Crypto Cam

Welcome back to #survivalbros It’s been a wild ride for cryptocurrency investors and speculators. Coin Market Cap has shown days of almost completely green values for the top digital assets, followed by prices dramatically in the red. Lots of money is being made and lost. Bottom line: Are you in yet?

This market has a steep learning curve. Plus, exchanges, and even charts are down regularly. Experiencing delays and high fees with transactions is common, but #btc (Bitcoin) is not dead. Contrary to the lies of Mainstream Media, digital $ is here to stay. Keep educating yourself, so you can invest later if you like.

Three Month Bitcoin price chart from Blockfolio on 1/5/2018

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Even small towns are getting into Bitcoin – Will it replace fiat?

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By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros talks about the value of silver bullion, and shows off some precious metal porn in high-definition video.  Take a look at the Kitco charts, and see if you think now is a good time to invest.  I am not a financial advisor, so do what’s right for you.  In this video production I simply point out the facts, and display some special silver coins for fun.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already to watch all of the productions.  We appreciate your support.  You can also subscribe to the blog itself by entering your email at the top left side of the webpage.  We’ll have another silver price update for you soon, so stay tuned to your emergency preparedness blog – Survival Bros.  Please comment if you have something to add to the discussion.  Best wishes to all.


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Kitco Silver

silver american eagle coin

The American Silver Eagle Coin

By Cameron McKirdy
Interest in silver has been on the decline, but lately it’s making an upward move in the markets. Let’s take a look at how real money has been doing recently.

Right now silver is $31.69 per ounce of .999 fine bullion. It jumped $1.35 today! That’s a big move for silver. It seems all prices are rising. Corn, soy, and gas are now more expensive. Blame it on what you want, floods, drought, refinery fires, but your wallet is getting lighter. Health care costs are going through the roof too. Maybe it’s because we have a private company, The Federal Reserve printing as much funny money as they can, and loaning it to us, and foreign counties, with interest.

The game is rigged, and the economy is fake, so what should we do? Well, in my opinion it’s again time to buy undervalued commodities. Silver is an excellent long-term investment. It will always have intrinsic value. I’m buying. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the markets, and that means as things get worse, people buy silver and gold to hedge against inflation. Inflation robs your purchasing power. It’s a hidden tax.

If you want to physically own precious metals, get to know a coin dealer, or buy from a trusted website. Survival Bros recommends buying generic silver rounds to avoid the high premiums of American Silver Eagles. You could also look for 90% silver, such as pre-1965 circulated coins at a discount. It’s up to you.

I love silver because it’s real money. The money our grandfathers toiled for. Now we have a dishonest currency, backed by nothing but blind faith. It’s a joke. Work forever for paper, or numbers on a computer screen. Ask yourself, what is money?

If silver isn’t your thing, maybe you want to stockpile food, guns, ammo, or even water. Silver is very liquidable, and other consumer goods can be sold easily too. I like stocking up on little knives, lighters, and things like organic tea. My hoard is well rounded.

Look at the silver charts, and see if you think it has an upward trend. It reached $50 an ounce not too long ago. If you picked up just one ounce of bullion a month, soon you’d be ball’n! You don’t have to listen to me, but I bet silver keeps climbing. Buy whatever you can low, and sell high. Hustling 101.