Quick SURVIVAL BROS Channel Update by Cameron McKirdy

Posted: December 5, 2018 in Fun!, oregon, vanlife
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Hey Friends,

Cam coming at ya from Oregon. I’ve been busy traveling, and living that #vanlife I will continue to update this blog with articles, videos, and photos. Big changes are coming! Honestly, I’ve been spending most of my time redesigning the Survival Bros YouTube Channel. You have to start watching some of The Playlists. They are getting really interesting, as I’m pulling content from other personalities, and merging them with my original Productions. Here’s my latest videos:

So have you been working on your emergency preparedness kits, and stockpiling food in your pantry just in case of disaster? As we have seen lately in the news, an Earthquake, Tsunami, and even riots can happen at any moment! You really need to have supplies nearby, and develop an escape plan. The Government won’t be there for you. For example, I just got a ticket for not making a complete stop on an empty highway from the police. I plead not guilty, and have a trial soon. I’m looking forward to cross examining the officer. I got on food stamps to offset the ticket. So, I’ve already won. Plus, I got a ton of free condoms from the DHS office. They aren’t ribbed like I prefer, but it beats jerking off. Speaking of masturbation, I’m not pleased that Tumblr has decided to remove all porn off of their blogging platform. I try not to watch too much, mostly the artistic stuff. Censorship is everywhere. There’s a real purge of important information going on right now Globally. Sign the petition to restore the #Tumblr community guidelines on Change.org

In other news, I just dyed my hair bright purple! It looks amazing. I’m gonna hit the pool in a few minutes, because my skin is brightly colored as well. I did the job in a rush, and didn’t apply petroleum jelly around my hairline. So I look pretty silly right now, and you might say that for awhile. Still, it feels good to stand out from the crowd, and not have to answer to a Boss at a 9-5 job. Freedom is a decision. All I do is whatever I want. Usually I find a free coffee around town (or make one if I have stove fuel), and go on a walk. Then I may work at the local library like I am right now. I also take care of, and visit with my grandma. She keeps falling, and needs help. I make sure she is drinking water, and getting plenty of ice cream too.

Happy Holidays from Survival Bros! May you eat all you can, and be kind to everyone that isn’t naughty. I’d love to hear from you. You can reach Cam at thesurvivalbros@gmail.com %^D. Peace on Earth, and in your heart. More soon. Keep checking back. Thanks.

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