By Cameron McKirdy


Two Killer Whales, or orcas have been spotted migrating North near Cannon Beach in Oregon State.  I was enjoying a wet hike from Short Sands Beach at Oswald West State Park out to Cape Falcon when I shot this HD video.  When I climbed to the edge of a dangerous cliff near the water of the Pacific Ocean I saw these 2 beautiful beasts approaching on my left.  I had to get my LG G2 smart phone out to film, but I was torn between looking at the creatures, and the camera screen.  However, I saw plenty of my friends, and got the shot for all of you.  

This was possibly the best experience of my life.  Orcas (and dolphins) are magical creatures, and probably smarter than humans.  I think they wanted to hang out with me.  But one slip, and I would have gone tumbling down the mountain side, and become fresh fish food.  I was only posted up at the location where I spotted these mammals for a few minutes.  After they left, so did I.  I’d seen the best, and it was pouring.  All of my clothes got soaked when I made my way back through the damp plants.  I didn’t mind being cold.  I was amped from seeing my wild buddies do their thing.  It gave me energy for the journey.  Now I don’t ever want to go to a zoo again.  It’s not the same.  Stay wild!

Here’s more RAW footage I posted on my other YouTube channel

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cam at cape falcon 


  1. Sue Bastiani says:

    Wowowowow Cameron! What a treat you were given! Thank you for sharing and caring despite the danger! I think I have use something other than my iPad to look at the video but it’s soooo haaaard to walk into the living room. Sue 🙂

  2. Sue Bastiani says:

    AMAZING!!!! iPad came through! Weren’t they just beautiful?! I didn’t go to the show at Seaworld in San Antonio bc I wasn’t sure I really wanted to. Glad i didn’t ….there was other stuff to do with my grandchildren. 🙂

  3. Also i wan says:

    well I finally got to watch your game show video and it was awesome BUT….I really wanted to see the final part were you win and your jumping in your little office and screaming!!! anyway it was pretty cool though. Now I can say that I know someone that has been on a tv show!! Also I want to understand more about your website here. I get the idea, just need more of a focused in idea!

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