Win this awesome Coast Products HL27 headlamp! Retailing at $74.99. It’s a whopping 309 lumens, and will last 3 hours and 45 minutes on three AA batteries (included).

This powerful and versatile light is going to a good home. To enter for free, all you have to do is LIKE this blog post on Survival Bros dot com, AND leave a positive COMMENT saying why you need this gear. Survival Bros founder Cameron McKirdy will pick one deserving prepper, based on their thoughtful comment. You must be in the United States to enter. The NEW Coast HL27 in gift box ships to the winner at our expense.

The full Survival Bros product review is coming soon. Good luck. Giveaway ends at midnight Pacific Time on April 31, 2013. Must be 18. Thanks for getting involved in our fun alternative news community. Peace.

For more information about this Coast product visit http://www.coastportland.com


  1. jargontalk says:

    I survived Hurricane Sandy which hit the NYC area in late October 2012. My then-new Coast A25 LED Flashlight was put to the “acid test” when the storm hit the NYC/NJ area, knocking out power for over 200,000 of us for five days. Luckily I had a supply of charged AAA eneloop Ni-MH batteries, but the Coast A25 Flashlight was a lifesaver (literally) as we had to navigate dark stairways and stormy streets… and it was the only flashlight that kept working. Since then I’ve been adding to to my supply of emergency essentials, and this Coast HL27 headlamp would be perfect for that purpose.

    • It was tough to pick a winner, but user “jargontalk” has been selected in the first ever Survival Bros giveaway. Congratulations. Please email us with your address at thesurvivalbros@gmail.com. Thanks to all the blog followers that entered. We will have another contest soon. Keep prepping. Stay strong. – Survival Bros

      • jargontalk says:

        Many thanks, Survival Bros! Sent you my address as noted, and am really looking forward to receiving this Coast LED HL27 headlamp, putting it though a thorough test and adding it to my gear. And you’re right: keep prepping.

        Many thanks again! .

  2. Jeffrey Oja says:

    What a rad product! It seems this would be a versatile tool given the mid-high lumen rating and long battery life on a standard size battery. I could see myself putting this product to use for nite hiking and mountain biking, camping, on my job for hands free light while performing searches ect, and basic home preparedness. I love that this product runs on a standard battery size because I have fallen victim to ruined trips when my odd size battery for my device was dead. Total bummer land! Thanks for the info Cameron! Great stuff!!

  3. Doug Pixley says:

    I have been using Coast lights for several years, customer service is second to none! I have never one of this quality! It would make a great piece of kit!

  4. Jeremy Ritchie says:

    I have raelly liked all my coast products and really had my eyes on this headlemp, it puts out a amazing ligjt output and has a great beam pattern. Could really ise this new light to add to my coeast products I currently own.

  5. David Grant says:

    I’m an electrician who works in around a lot of dark spaces. The headlamp is a great option, and with HL27 being focusable and fully adjustable it would make a great work companion.

  6. Rhonda S. Tenderholt says:

    I would love to win this for my 2 boy scouts. Thank you for the review and the giveaway.

  7. Katie Johnson says:

    I could so use this for my new bug out bag! πŸ˜‰ AND it would be amazing to have for when I have to clean the horse pastures and barn in the dark! I haven’t got to go on any awesome adventure treks (YET) but I’m sure it would come in handy for that too! πŸ™‚

  8. I am Disabled and walk with a Cane and when I have to go out into the backyard at night I could use a GOOD STRONG Light ,It’s Really Dark out there . Our backyard is 3/4’s of an acre and it’s 1/2 an acre to the next house and we live on the edge of a State Forest , so it’s Dark and the light would come in handy in a big way. πŸ™‚

  9. […] Coast LED HL27 Headlamp Giveaway!. need one for the dark trails […]

  10. I could really use a good head lamp. I am a power wheelchair user and need a way to be seen at night and the little clip on lamp I have that goes on a baseball cap vibrates off on the uneven sidewalks. I live on SSI and a good lamp like this is out of my reach.

    • This contest is now over. Winner announced tonight. Thanks to everyone for their participation. We will have a new giveaway soon! SB

      • Jeremy Ritchie says:

        What time tonight, cannot stand the waiting lol, thanks for the giveaway contest guys keep up the great work.

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