RV On Fire and Exploding Off Highway 26 in Oregon

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Giving Back, HD Videos

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Driving back to the Oregon Coast, I see an RV burning on the side of the road. One man stood looking at it. His home was ruined. Gone. One second you have a place to live, the other you have a towing expense. I had to stop and ask if I could assist. Emergency crews were on the way, so all we could do was watch. There were 3 explosions minutes after it caught fire, and the owner was worried the huge gas tank was about to blow. I filmed this, and drove off. Hopefully he had insurance.


  1. Cody Sawyers says:

    Cool video’ how’d that shit happen?

    • He said he smelled smoke and then the engine caught on fire and spread. The propane tanks blew up, and the full gas tank was about to ignite! It was old, and had been sitting.

  2. Cody Sawyers says:

    That must of been pretty crazy to see. Especially late at night on the highway.

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