Coast Products PX25 LED Flashlight Stress Test By Survival Bros HD Video

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Adventures, Comedy and Art, Product Reviews
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By Cameron McKirdy

If you are looking for a great everyday carry LED flashlight, I may have found the one for you. The Coast PX25 is a rugged little light saber from a Oregon company. Below is my latest HD stress test video, filmed on the beach, and in the water in Seaside, OR.

You wouldn’t expect a light that can easily fit in your palm to be so powerful, but the Coast PX25 LED flashlight boasts 208 lumens. That’s hardcore. It even came with three AAA Duracell batteries, so it was ready to go. Also included was a useful belt sheath, which I will actually use. Plus, you get a wrist strap for extra security. All this, for an MSRP of just $42. That’s a bargain to me.

If you watch my review, you’ll also see how the Bulls Eye Spot beam works. This style gives you an awesome focused spot, with a wide flood light. It’s a great design. The PX25 is made of aluminum, so it’s tough. And the LED light is UNBREAKABLE. Trust me, I tried to shatter it, to no avail. Coast thought of everything, and this may be my favorite flashlight ounce for ounce. Speaking of it’s 4.2 ounces with the batteries. I use it as part of my EDC. It’s just the right size, and isn’t too wide. It’s 1.1 inches wide, and 4.7 inches long. The runtime on the PX25 is 6 hours 15 minutes. Impressive. Plus, the beam blasts 128 meters, so it covers ground like a champ.

I’d talk trash about the PX25 if I could, but Coast Products made a great tool here, it even stood up to me beating it on the cement. Just don’t put the battery pack in backwards. This is a must have in my opinion. Enjoy the video I produced. More fun stress test videos soon. Thanks for visiting Survival Bros. For additional information on this product visit

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  1. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast most of my retirement, and got tired of garbage flashlights that go sour, so I’ve tried the little PX25 for awhile. Amazing results, just change the batteries and keep it clean. We get hurricanes here, so I need a VERY good pocket light!! Was looking down on the Pacific Ocean from North Bend AFS for three years, 1964 – 1967,so if it can take the other city areas, I hope it can be good for me when I need light the worst way!

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