Coast HP14 High Performance Flashlight Stress Test and Product Review

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Adventures, Comedy and Art, Product Reviews, SB Tips
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The Coast HP14 is the high performance flashlight of any man’s dreams. Ahhh, the perfect feel of the cold aluminum, and the heft that quality has to offer; ready, balanced, and durable. As with most of my reviews, the first thing I did was try and take it apart. I say try on this one because other than taking the batteries out, I can’t get it any further apart. This idea of, put together once, never fail, therefore never come apart, is the usual for Coast Products.  As I said, I could not get much apart on this light but the battery tube. The light came with and uses four AA batteries, the easiest in the world to find. Rechargeable batteries I am sure would not last long, but it’s an option.  Using lithium batteries is a way to increase the total operating time. However, the high/low settings alone will help you milk most batteries for countless hours.

As I said, I was unable to unscrew the lens portion off. Coast Products are designed to last, so there is no need to take it apart for “repairs” pff… but looking inside the lens shows the Coast logo in its signature red color, and a miracle of an LED, the Cree XM-L.  You can even adjust the blinding 339 lumens with one-hand focusing.  The bottom switch has a thick durable rubber feel, and is recessed to allow the light to be set upright on its bottom. There’s also an anti-roll lanyard bump that simply sticks out to prevent the light from sliding down a hill. The attached lanyard snapped off almost immediately, after 3 vigorous tugs.

I did enjoy the fine anodized finish on the light, as opposed to most other companies use of powder coating. This anodized finish also gives a small amount of texture itself to the flashlights surface, sort of a microscopic sand paper effect. The diamond knurling on the light has a very fine texture. I did notice that in the rain, and while wet, the diamond knurling had a slippery feel. I’m REALLY nit picking here to find any flaw in this thing. I submerged it in water, threw it on the ground, and it kept burning bright.  The HP14 is solid, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, it’s a Coast Product, so you know it will never fail.

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  2. bestsurvivalistknives says:

    I just found about coast knives recently and really like the company. THey produce great infographics too.

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