Coast Knife RX320 (Rapid Response 3.90) Rain Test on the Oregon Coast

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Product Reviews
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It’s raining.  So we decide to stress test the new Coast Rapid Response 3.90 knife.  Survival Bros will be posting more product reviews soon.  

Check out the entire Coast product line here:  Coast is a local brand from Portland, OR.  You can trust them.  

Weighing in at 141 grams according to my scale, the Coast RX320 knife was handed to me by a survival expert and I was told to do a review on it. The first thing I did was take it apart a little. Why? I like to look past the glitz and glamour of a product from its outside view, I like to take it apart and see if it really is any good or not. The screws are torx bit tipped, and as I removed them, they all looked like they had lock tight or other thread sealant on there. It was designed never to fail, as a knife should be. The handle is fiberglass-filled textured nylon with a diamond texture offering an easy grip even in cold and rain. The spring assist helps again with one handed opening and ease of use in the extreme.

A small point I like about the knife, is that the clip on the handle can be switched for left pocket or right pocket carry. The anodized look and feel of the clip matches the same look and feel of the blade itself. The blade is a nice drop point knife with amazing beveling and solid back. This solid back is important for use as a tool, scrapping, or splitting wood by hitting the back of the blade with an object. The quick open thumb tabs are easily accessible for lefties and righties, and stick out far enough to easily flip out, but not to far as to get caught in your pocket. The resounding clack sound it makes as it locks open is reminiscent of a well oil gun simply sliding into place, mechanically perfect. After beating it, dropping it (a lot) and more or less trying to destroy this thing for the past week, it still looks like I could sell it “like new” on Amazon. It’s a great knife, it’s a solid knife, and I feel it represents the coast name perfectly.


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