Nike+ Running GPS App Review for iPhone & Android

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Product Reviews
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Hey iPhone and Android users! I found an app for tracking your run, hike, or any other movement. I use it mostly on bike rides. Here’s my quick review of the Nike+ GPS phone application.

At just $1.99 you can’t go wrong. This app will precisely map your trips. An accelerometer accurately records your pace inside, even on a treadmill, or outdoors. It works with your music too; so you can rock to Pandora and get mileage updates at the same time. If you need extra motivation on your run, pick a power song for a jolt when you need a fix. And you can pause your workout for an incoming call.

I use Nike+ GPS on every jog, walk, and cycling trek. The GPS signal has always been strong. Plus, I can share my workouts online on Facebook, or twitter, to maybe motivate my friends. It’s a cool way to track and beat your personal bests.

Included in the application is access to the Nike+ community. Online you can checkout challenges, and lots more. It’s a must buy for any runner. Now Nike has this technology in basketball shoes too! I’m stoked. Have the app? Share your experience.

– Cameron McKirdy



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